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Waah ri Kejriwal sarkaar!

New Delhi, October 22, 2019: With just few months to Delhi elections and Model Code of Conduct about to be imposed, BJP MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, expressed shock over Kejriwal’s press conference on the state of Delhi’s roads, schemes and announcements, and in issuing of tenders.
Goel said that these at least through these announcements Kejriwal is accepting his fault that he did not do anything in Delhi in last five years. Goel said that Kejriwal himself accepted  in his press conference that—
1.     Design of Delhi’s roads is still poor;
2.     Kejriwal took five years to prepare a design for the roads;
3.     That Delhi’s roads are not beautiful, have traffic, and accidents take place.
4.     The roads are unequipped for differently abled people.
5.     There is no drainage in the road and water gets stagnated on the roads.
6.     There is no space to park autos and rickshaws.
Goel said that now that they are issuing their tenders despite fully knowing that they will not be completed during their term and their commission will be eaten by the people.
Goel also wrote a poem on Kejrwal’s press conference—
“Kejriwal ji ko badhayi,
Chunaav se pehle sadkon ki yaad aayi,
Maan liya ki Dilli ki sadkein hain kharaab,
Ab dikha rahein hain janta ko jhootein khwab,
Aur maana ki sadkon mein nahi hain dum,
Hote hain accident aur hai traffic ki problem,
Paanch saal tak kyon nahi kiye kaam,
Sadkon par gaddhe, lagte rahe jam,
Sadkon se nahi nikalta hai paani,
Chunaav dekh kar ab mar rahi hai nani,
Naye tender de kar karenge bhrashtaachaar,
Waah ri Kejriwal sarkaar!”

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