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Unauthorised colonies to celebrate Diwali the next four days

–  Residents of unauthorised colonies beat drums and burst crackers;
– Modi hai to Mumkin hai- Goel congratulates PM
– Delhi government to have any role in it
– Kejriwal should not try to take false credit- Goel
New Delhi, October 23, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel congratulated PM Shri Modi ji for the decision of regularising 1797 unauthorised colonies.  
Goel said that this will benefit 50 lakh residents of unauthorised colonies who were facing a lot of problem while the Delhi government only bluffed and duped them. When Delhi government failed to delineate these colonies and raise boundary walls and asked for extension till 2021 then the Central Government decided to step in and take the initiative.  
Goel said that these lands will be regularised and given ownership rights irrespective of being on private land or government land except for a few colonies. The stamp duty for these will be minimal as well for their registry. It will like almost free but the minimal amount has been put to avoid any legal hurdles. On being vested with the ownership rights, they will be able to take loans, raise FAR and sell and buy houses easily. 
Goel said that the residents of unauthorised colonies will celebrate Diwali for next four days. Today, the residents burst crackers and played drums to celebrate the decision.
Goel also told that the Central Government is going to bring a legislation on regularisation of unauthorised colonies in the upcoming winter session which starts on 18th November. This Bill have a detailed information on regularisation.
Goel said that we have been consistently struggling for this since 2010 to provide relief to these residents of unauthorised colonies and to regularise them. But Kejriwal government kept hindering these which is why Central Government had to take it in its own hands. The declaration was made by Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Puri- Modi hai to mumkin hai. 
Goel also congratulated the Modi government for announcing several measures to revive BSNL and MTNL, and announcing the merger of the two. Goel hailed it to be a liberal forward looking step.

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