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Bus travel made free for elections, not for women- Goel

 – By 2025, entire DTC fleet will be depleted, only 5000 employees will be left- Goel; 
New Delhi, 30th October, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, cautioned Delhi's sisters against free bus rides and told them that the bus travel has been made free for elections, not for them. Bhaiya dooj used to come before also but Kejriwal bhaia did not remember you. If Kejriwal would have done this when he came to power, he would have been bound to make travel free for five years. 
Goel questioned Kejriwal government that if he were so worried about his sisters, then why is that he did not procure any buses in last five years? According to an RTI, 1000 buses have depleted from the existing fleet of DTC. There were 5000 buses in 2015 but during the time of Kejriwal government, the strength came down to 3796. Goel said that the situation is so grave that DTC had to inform Delhi government in a board resolution that its entire fleet will deplete by 2025. Only 5000 employees will be left on payroll. DTC has been incurring losses since last five years. In 2018 itself. DTC incurred a loss of 2000 crores and earned less than Rs 1000 crores. 
Goel said that Kejriwal government failed to procure 5000 buses in Delhi. Delhi's common man travels in these buses with its life on stake, the buses are crowded to an extent that everyday someone's pocket gets picked or people end up getting into fight. More than 30 lakh people use less than 3500 buses for commute everyday but Kejriwal is busy in his vote bank politics. 
Goel said that just like bus rides, Kejriwal gave free electricity upto 200 units, but all of this just two months before the elections to manipulate voters. Actually, Kejirwal government did not do anything for Delhi in last five years. Pollution has increased to the extent that Delhi has become a gas chamber. Kejriwal is very well aware that until and unless he gives freebies indiscriminately, people will ignore his misdeeds. 
Goel said that Kejriwal has been abusive towards Modiji and has abused him multiple times. Now, since his complacency will be exposed, he is advertising worth Rs 270 crores by exhausting exchequer's hardearned money. 
Goel today was also present at the Delhi State Headquarters for the bhoomi poojan of Delhi Legislative elections office. 

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