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Vijay Goel to fast on the issue of pollution in Delhi

– Delhi government is toying with life of Delhiites;
– Delhi government did not mitigate other sources of pollution- Odd even is a drama

New Delhi,  October 31, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel will hold a fast for a day against pollution at his residence.

Goel blamed Kejriwal government for inaction on pollution in Delhi. Entire Delhi is suffering from pollution and the air quality has breached hazardous levels.  Kejriwal government is shedding its responsibility on the issue and is falsely blaming Punjab and Haryana to be responsible for stubble burning. However, according to a report by SAFAR and CPCB, stubble burning contributes to only 4-10% of pollution in Delhi. Central government has also invested Rs 1100 crores in these states to reduce the instances of stubble burning. 90% of pollution is from internal sources.

Goel said that Kejriwal government was responsible for curbing dust, industrial pollution, pollution from waste burning, construction dust etc. On the other hand, the Delhi government miserably failed to procure e-buses, add 5000 buses to the fleet, install smog free towers, procure vacuum cleaners, 1.5lakh trees in central ridge, construct footpaths and cycle lanes.

Goel said that Kejriwal is under a false impression that by spending hundreds of crores he will be able to manipulate voters. In actuality, he has not won even a single election since 2015.

Goel said that his fast is a challenge to Kejriwal government. If Kejriwal government does not work on its conduct, Delhiites will not forgive them.

Goel said that the Central Government has constructed eastern western peripheral highways, BS VI norms, closed Badarpur electric plant, construction of loops and a highway in Dhaula kuan, expressway in Dwarka etc to combat pollution.

The situation of Delhi is such that the schools will have to be closed. On one hand the levels of pollution are spiking and on the other hand, Delhi government is going to earn money through corruption during odd-even. Odd even is just a political gimmick. Last time as well, a lot of governmental and non-governmental organisations had said that odd even does not have any impact on air quality. In these circumstances, Kejriwal government should focus on reducing pollution instead of pulling the gimmick of odd even.

Delhiites should understand that exempting more than 70% of Delhi's vehicles from Odd even is just to advertise odd even in newspapers.

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