Vijay Goel

Vijay Goel fasts for one day on the issue of pollution

– Goel urges Delhiites to co-operate in reducing pollution and pressurise Delhi government
– Water purifiers for dirty water, now masks for pollution;

New Delhi, November 1, 2019:  MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel fasted against pollution levels in Delhi today. Goel's fast against pollution was supported by state president Manoj Tiwari, MP Pravesh Verma, BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain,  RWA's, hundred of workers and common people. His residence was crowded by people. 
Goel said that he is fasting because of two reasons. First, he is appealing to people of Delhi to co-operate in reducing pollution levels, and second to pressurise Kejriwal government to take some action. Kejriwal government did not do anything in reducing pollution levels in last five years but it is about time that they wake up and take some action. SAFAR, CPCB and other environmental organisations have stated that stubble burning contributes only 4-10% in pollution levels. Rest 90% is because of internal sources in Delhi like dust pollution, construction dust, industrial pollution, burning plastic waste etc. People are contracting life threatening diseases because of pollution levels. If Kejriwal government would have worked on this in last five years then Goel would not have needed to fast today. This fast is an indication that everyone should contribute in reducing pollution in their own small small ways and stand up against Delhi government's failures and callousness.

Goel said that now Delhi's CM is again going to start the gimmick of odd even. Just to advertise this Kejriwal government has spent crores. This is that odd even which was discredited by several government and non governmental organisations. Today people of Delhi are forced to use air purifiers. On the other hand, the government had to procure e buses, 5000 buses, smog free towers, vacuum cleaners, plant 1.5 lakh trees in Central ridge, sidewalks and cycle lanes but it did not do anything. The fact that Kejriwal government is distributing masks shows their helplessness.

Goel said that even today Arvind Kejriwal said two lies. Kejriwal while addressing school kids told them that he constructed eastern western peripheral highway which reduced pollution in Delhi. Second lie was that he planted plants on 600 acres of land. However, it is Central government which constructed eastern western peripheral highways, not Delhi government and Delhi government does not even have 600 acres of land. Goel said that if it wasn't for Central government's efforts in constructing eastern western peripheral highways, BS VI norms, Badarpur electric plants, dhula kuan loops and a highway, Dwarka expressway etc then pollution is Delhi would have spiked to much worse levels.

Goel said that we should follow the path of Gandhi ji. Gandhi ji taught the path of truth, and justice. Gandhi ji used to teach that we should be honest with our work and not be corrupt.

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