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Odd even just a gimmick, Goel violates odd-even and pays penalty

– Goel to protest against Kejriwal government in his painted car; 

New Delhi, November 4, 2019: MP and former President, VIjay Goel, challenged that if Kejriwal has so much believe that odd-even will bring down pollution then he should ask environmental organisations like CPCB, DPCC, TERI, SAFAR, and experts like Sunita Narain or Sumit Sharma about the viability of odd-even scheme. 
In his saffron painted Fortuner, Goel and his supporters left his residence 10, Ashoka Road. "Pradooshan ki jimmedaar, Kejriwal sarkaar, odd-even hai bekar" has been painted on Goel's car. Goel explained with reasons why odd-even is merely an election gimmick. 
Protesting against the Kejriwal government, Goel violated the odd-even scheme and paid fine. 
Goel claimed that his protest is not politically motivated. It is a very personal judgment which he decided to take after surveying people. Goel said that no one should have to breathe poisonous air as this. 
Goel said that stubble burning contributes to only less than 10% of pollution levels. If Kejriwal government is claiming that stubble burning is leading to spike in pollution levels, then why is it bringing odd-even? Kejriwal government has been lax in last five years. Delhi's internal causes are responsible for more than 90% of its pollution levels. Kejriwal government miserably failed to install smog free towers, procure buses, sprinkling machines, vacuum cleaner, or curb dust pollution from roads, construction activities and industries. It has just been blatantly lying to the people. 
Goel questioned Delhi government that if pollution is because of stubble burning then how is odd-even going to benefit it? Stubble was burnt in last three years as well, why was odd-even not enforced then? 
Goel said that when odd-even was implemented the first time, then he had protested against it by violating it and paying the penalty. 
Goel said that sadly, odd-even is a mere gimmick for the Delhi government. When Delhi government has already exempted two-wheeler vehicles, Ola-Uber, three wheeler vehicles like e-rickshaws, autos, cars driven by women, buses etc, then has odd even been brought for just cars? 
A report was recently published by TERI's Sumit Sharma. The report states that exempting two-wheeler vehicles from odd-even will render it futile. Interestingly, this has been echoed by a lot of other environmental organisations like CPCB, DTU, TERI etc. 
Taking a jibe at Kejriwal's advertisement spree, Goel said that Kejriwal can now use his penalty for advertisements as well. Goel told that Delhi government did not use a single penny from the corpus of Rs 1300 crores of environmental cess. 
Goel said that earlier only Kejirwal used to cough, today entire Delhi is coughing and Kejriwal is fine. 
Goel sternly stated that Kejriwal as been evading his responsibility and hiding his failures under the garb of advertisements and freebies. 

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