Vijay Goel

Sisodia does not have answer to our questions, therefore did not meet us;

– Goel cycles to gift stubble to those who are politicising stubble burning;
– AAP blaming “parali” in Delhi, guilty of stubble burning in Punjab- Goel;
New Delhi, 7th November, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, cycled to the residence of Manish Sisodia to gift him a stubble bouquet on the issue of stubble burning by Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab while continuously blaming stubble burning for spike in pollution levels in Delhi. Goel was accompanied by MLA O.P Sharma, Anil Vajpayee, Richa Pandey, standing committee chairperson Jay Prakash amongst others.
Goel said that Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia ji did not meet us because he does not answer to the questions asked to him about Kejriwal government’s efforts in reducing pollution in last five years. Goel said that not even once in last five years, Kejriwal government tried to cooperate with 7 MPs from Delhi, MCD or Central Government. Delhi government even openly flouted Supreme Court’s directions.
Goel said that AAP’s MLAs are burning stubble, and encouraging people to burn it as well. Goel said that if pollution has reduced by 25% and was being caused by stubble burning, then what was the need of Odd-Even? Goel said that now that weather has improved, children have also started going to school, then what is the need of Odd-Even? Supreme Court has also clearly stated that Odd-Even is discriminatory and has not been efficiently implemented. Vehicles which were to be prohibited have been allowed and those which were to be exempted have been brought under odd-even.
Goel said that by gifting stubble bouquet to Sisodia, he wanted to show the hypocrisy of AAP. Goel told that on one hand, AAP is blaming stubble burning causing spike in pollution levels in Delhi, on the other hand, according to a report by NASA areas of 19 AAP’s MLAs are burning most stubble in Punjab.
Supreme Court has rebuked the Delhi government over its failure to control road dust, construction and demolition waste, plastic and garbage burning etc and has said that Chief Secretary should resign from its post.
Goel demanded Kejriwal’s resignation after Supreme Court’s reprimand. He said that Kejriwal should resign from his post. His true face has been exposed to the people.
O.P Sharma said that 90% pollution in Delhi is caused by internal factors on which ‘AAP’ government did not do anything. Now, to hide its failures, it is shifting the blame on stubble burning and advertising relentlessly.

Goel said that people have demanded from Kejriwal and Sisodia to answer Goel’s letter and inform Delhi’s public about the work done by them on pollution apart from wasting money on advertisements. 

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