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Indian Express- Delhi a gas chamber despite Odd-Even scheme, says BJP’s Vijay Goel

NEW DELHI: BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Goel on Thursday staged a fresh protest against the Odd-Even’ vehicle rationing scheme, saying the city has become a “gas chamber” despite its implementation.

Goel, who had last week violated the rule and was fined Rs 4,000, was joined by his supporters who carried placards reading ‘Pradushan Ki Jimmedar Kejriwal Sarkar, Odd-Even Hai Bekar’ (Kejriwal government responsible for pollution, ‘Odd-Even’ is useless), at the ITO crossing.

“Despite the implementation of the ‘Odd-Even’ scheme, Delhi has turned into a gas chamber. Who will Arvind Kejriwal now blame for it as stubble burning isn’t there and Diwali can no longer be held responsible for it,” Goel said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday raised the issue of stubble burning in neighbouring Haryana and Punjab, accusing the BJP and Congress governments of not following Supreme Court orders to prevent the practice.

“There are fresh reports of stubble burning (in Punjab and Haryana). I am highly disappointed that (these) states are not obeying the directions issued by the Supreme Court. People in Delhi are suffering and I am very concerned about their health,” Kejriwal was quoted as saying.

“I am not against the ‘Odd-Even’ rule, but the political mileage being sought by Kejriwal in the garb of the plan in view of coming Assembly elections,” the BJP leader said. The vehicle rationing plan to cut emissions came into effect on November 4. 

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