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Goel highlights failures of Kejriwal government Odd-even by holding placard of “pradooshan ki jimmedaari, Kejriwal sarkaar”.

New Delhi, November 14, 2019: Calling Kejriwal's odd even a drama and an election gimmick, MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel expressed displeasure by holding a placard at ITO chowk. The placards read "pradooshan ki jimmedaar, Kejriwal sarkaar, Odd-Even hai bekar". Goel was surrounded by hundreds of people holding the placards against odd-even. A lot of people stopped their cars en route to tell Goel how odd-even is causing them great inconvenience. Kejriwal government is not doing anything except to cause them inconvenience.

Goel said that Kejriwal government is neither taking pollution seriously nor odd-even.

They've been blaming stubble burning on increased pollution levels then what is the need of Odd-even?
If they've to implement odd even sporadically then what is the point of Odd-even?
If 70% vehicles have been exempted from Odd-Even, how will it curb any pollution levels?
Goel said that Odd even is a mere gimmick to waste crores of taxpayers' money on advertisements. Thousands of volunteers have been hired in the name of Odd-even. Delhi has become a gas chamber.

Goel said that Kejriwal government failed to work on 90% of internal factors which cause Pollution. Now Kejriwal is under the false impression that he can mislead the people of Delhi by five days odd-even.

Goel said that Kejriwal should resign for making Delhi a gas chamber.

Even Supreme court has raised serious questions on the implementation of Odd-Even including a report of 2016-17 Odd Even and its impact analysis.

Goel said that even CPCB, DPCC EPCA etc have claimed that Odd-Even doens't impact pollution levels and even supreme court had noted that cars cause less pollution as compared to exempted two wheelers.

Goel appealed to RWAs, traders association to help curb Pollution at their own levels and inform the public how Kejriwal is fooling them in the name of Odd-even.

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