Vijay Goel

If BJP comes into power, will reduce pollution in 1 year- Goel

– Kejriwal to learn lesson from Supreme Court's reprimand.
– If Odd-Even again, Delhiites will protest;

New Delhi, November 17, 2019: Under the leadership of MP and former BJP Delhi, Vijay Goel, BJP Delhi held a protest on pollution at Jantar Mantar. Goel was accompanied by Union Minister R.P Singh and standing committee chairperson Shri Jay Prakash and hundreds of others.
BJP has been rounding AAP on its failures to curb pollution. BJP claimed that Kejriwal government did not do anything to curb pollution and now is doing the gimmick of Odd-Even. People protesting were holding placards saying "Pradooshan ki jimmedaar, Kejriwal sarkaar, Odd-Even hai bekar" .
Goel said that even Supreme Court has reprimanded Kejriwal government that it failed to curb local reasons of pollution which contribute 60% pollution like road dust, construction dust, industrial dust and garbage dump. Supreme court also said that odd-even is not a solution to pollution. Despite Odd-even, pollution has reached hazardous levels. Delhi government did not undertake any study on Odd-Even and without any impact assessment, it implemented Odd-Even.
Goel said that if Kejriwal implements Odd-even now, people will protest against it. Despite the challan being Rs 4000, more than 4885 people have been challaned under Odd-Even. This means that people are facing inconvenience. Kejriwal did seek co-operation from anyone.
Goel said that corruption has taken place on the name of Odd-Even and crores have been wasted on advertisements. Kejriwal's 50 lakhs mask distribution should be investigated. This money should be taken from Kejriwal's own pocket. Kejriwal should be held accountable for money wasted on Odd-Even.
Goel said that stubble burning is an excuse. If stubble burning contributes to pollution then why Odd-Even? If BJP comes into power after next legislative assembly elections, it will curb pollution in one year.
Union Minister R.P Singh said that Kejriwal should be jailed for not implementing Odd-Even properly. It had promised to being 3000 buses but instead, bus strength reduced by 1000. It also contributed to pollution levels. It failed to install a smog tower and vacuum cleaner in Delhi. Last year, NGT had fined Delhi Government for 25 crores.
Jay Prakash said that if Central Government would not have implemented Eastern-Western peripheral highways then it would have been impossible to live in Delhi. Delhi government did not release funds to MCD. Arvind Kejriwal's true face has been exposed to everyone.

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