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Delhi has become worse than “narak”- Supreme Court;

–        Kejriwal hatao, Dilli Bacho- Goel

–        Goel asks DPCC, CPCB and SAFAR for report on Odd-Even;

New Delhi, 25th November, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, said that the situation of air pollution and water is deplorable in Delhi that even Supreme Court had to intervene by taking suo-motu cognisance. Reprimanding Delhi government, Supreme Court remarked that “Delhi has become worse than narak”. Goel asked that if Kejriwal will still stick to blame-game politics? Kejriwal has left Delhhites who had elected him with so much trust to fend for themselves.

Goel said that Delhi government’s minister, Satyendra Jain had promised in 2016 to install smog free towers and mist machines in Delhi. It has been three years since then and Kejriwal has been sitting idle except for wasting crores on advertisements. Neither did Kejriwal curb dust from road, construction and demolition nor did he plant any trees in Delhi or controlled industrial pollution.

Goel said that the situation is such that Supreme Court had to ask Central Government to prepare a comprehensive plan to install smog free towers in Delhi.

Goel said that it is Government’s responsibility to do long term planning but Kejriwal government miserably failed to do it.

Goel said that he has written to Delhi Pollution Control Board, Central Pollution Control Board and SAFAR asking to furnish a report on Odd-Even and if it had any effect to curb pollution levels. If not, then Kejriwal should be made personally liable to pay for advertisements on which he has wasted crores.

Goel said that for five years, Kejriwal kept shouting that Central Government and Modi ji are not letting him work. Truth is that for five years, he did not implement Central Government schemes. Now, just a few months before election, Kejriwal government is busy handing out sops to people.

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