Vijay Goel

Kejriwal engaging in politics of deceit- Goel

– Kejriwal trying to escape accountability on BIS’s report;
– Kejriwal first increased the water-sewer charges, now reducing them- Goel
New Delhi, 23rd November, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, raised pertinent questions on Kejriwal government’s waiver of sewer-water charges.
Goel questioned that those who had paid their dues honestly while taking sewer-water connection, will Kejriwal government repay them their money? Goel said that situation of Jal Board is so deplorable that it cannot even pay salaries of its employees on time.
Exposing the facts of Kejriwal’s conference, Goel said that—
1. Kejriwal is engaging in politics of deceit. First, he increased the water-sewer charges of 200m and 300m plots to Rs. 1,14,110 and Rs 1,24,110. This pushed people not to be able to install water-sewer pipelines in their houses and then Kejriwal is showing that he has reduced these charges to Rs 2310.
2. Goel said that Kejriwal has himself agreed that a lot of places are getting dirty water. Now that his government’s term is about to end, he is misleading people by telling them to register complaints on dirty water. Goel asked that why did Kejriwal not do this in last five years?
3. Goel said that Kejriwal could not even give examples of 15 places where he has installed pipelines and provided clean water to people.
4. Goel said that Kejriwal himself conceded in his press conference that he was unsuccessful in cleaning Delhi’s water in last five years. This is same Kejriwal who five years ago was making claims of providing tapped water at everyone’s doorsteps.
5. Kejriwal’s own government is drinking bottled water or RO water but they have forced 2 crore Delhiites to drink dirty water.
Goel told that during Kejriwal’s tenure, Jal Board faced a deficit of Rs 800 crores in last two years.
Goel said that Kejriwal sat idle for last five years in Delhi. If Delhi’s water is clean, then who is responsible for more than 21 lakh Diarrhoea cases in last four years? In 2018 itself, more than 36000 complaints were filed against Delhi Jal Board. What happened to those complaints? BIS’s report on Delhi’s water situation has exposed Kejriwal and to escape accountability, he is trying to deceit Delhiites. 

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