Vijay Goel

No development in unauthorised colonies, Goel challenges Kejriwal to visit with him

–        Goel calls Kejriwal’s claims unauthorised colonies to be hollow;
–        If elections on development, Kejriwal’s election amount will be seized;
–        40 lakh residents of unauthorised colonies are crediting Modi ji for vesting them with ownership rights;
–        Kejriwal’s development claims exposed by Supreme Court, said “Delhi ko narak bana diya hai”
New Delhi, 27th November, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, said that Kejriwal’s desperation and disappointment succeeded introduction of bill vesting ownership rights to unauthorised colonies. Now, Kejriwal cannot even decide what to say.
When Modi government’s Cabinet decision announced about its decision to vest ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies, then Kejriwal congratulated them. Then he said this is happening because of his government’s efforts. Then again, Kejriwal deviated from his claims and said this is a farce and that residents will not get any ownership rights. When this lie did not work, Kejriwal said Central Government will not introduce a bill on unauthorised colonies. When the Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha today, Kejriwal is spreading the rumour that only 100 people will be vested with ownership rights.
Goel said that this is first time in last five years when Kejriwal is holding a press conference on development work carried out by him in unauthorised colonies. His lies can be caught on his advertisements only that he did not carry any development work in last five years. Now, just a few months before elections, he is trying to install sewer lines.
Goel said that Kejriwal is resorting to lies and deceit because he is scared that 40 lakh votes from unauthorised colonies will turn against his party.
Truth is that these unauthorised colonies would have regularised long back but Delhi government did not prepare a layout plan and asked for time till 2022. In this situation, under Modi ji’s leadership this was taken by Central Government. Now, DDA will survey these colonies and will open doors to ownership rights to people.
Goel said that this step of Modi government has not only secured ownership of houses of these residents but it has also opened doors to development of these places. These people will be able to take loan and these colonies will be developed too like schools, roads, sewer, community halls, lights etc.
Goel said that Kejriwal is lying about development claims in these colonies just like the total number of buses reduced in Delhi and worsened pollution levels. Even Supreme Court said that Delhi government has made Delhi a narak. The day when a audit happens, it will be exposed that Kejriwal did not do a single thing. People are being forced to live in deplorable conditions.
Goel said that he visited a colony at Sangam Vihar a few days back where roads are like your are riding a camel. Such is the situation of every colony that water is stagnated, and there are no sewers.
Goel challenged Kejriwal that he should visit Delhi’s colonies with Goel and see the deplorable state of these colonies. A lot of corruption took place in the name of expenditure. People are still unable to take sewer connections. Even today, people’s houses get filled with rainwater during monsoon. There is no drainage for water.
Goel said that Kejriwal government is desperately attempting to hinder ownership rights to be vested by Modi ji. 

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