Vijay Goel

​”Kejriwal ka raaj hai, pradooshan gande paani ke baad, 100 rupay kilo pyaaz hai”

– Goel, Prabhat Jha and Lekhi protest against hike in onion prices; 
– Kejriwal turned Delhi into narak, now snatching food from poor's plate; 
– Kejriwal government is misleading Delhiites- Jha; 
– Kejriwal government does not have any foresight- Lekhi
New Delhi, November 29, 2019: Under the leadership of MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel, BJP organised a protest against soaring onion prices at Delhi's busy Ajmeri Gate. Goel was accompanied by BJP All India Vice President, Prabhat Jha and MP Meenakshi Lekhi. Goel raised the slogan "Kejriwal ka raaj hai, pradooshan gande paani ke baad, 100 rupay kilo pyaaz hai". 

Goel said that they are protesting against Kejriwal government because firstly, Kejriwal government did not curb hoarding of onions, secondly, it did not provide onions to people and lastly, everytime Central Government offered onions to Delhi government, it rejected the offer. 

Goel said that Supreme Court had remarked that Kejriwal has made Delhi a narak. Now, Kejriwal should not snatch poor man's food. Goel said that when onion prices had soared, Central government had written to Kejriwal saying that it can provide onions at Rs 15/kg but despite this Kejriwal did not order buying of onions for four weeks. 

Goel said that now that Onion prices have soared to Rs 100/kg, Central Government has decided to import 6000 tonnes onions from Egypt. On this as well, Central Government had written a letter to states on 23rd November asking for their onion demands but Kejriwal government did not reply. Now, Central Government is distributing onions in Delhi through NAFED. 

Goel said that Kejriwal is again misleading the people of Delhi. First, it never demanded onions from Central Government and then now is shifting blame of his failures on Central Governmnet. 

Prabhat Jha said that Kejriwal government is only misleading the people. Let it be pollution or water or soaring onion prices. It sat idle for last five years in Delhi. 

Lekhi said that when Delhi government never send a proposal demanding onions from Central Government and now that people are angry, it is attempting to blame Central Government. This government does not have any foresight.

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