Vijay Goel

Goel raises the issue of increasing suicides in Delhi Metro;

–        Delhi Metro is becoming hotspot of suicides- Goel;
–        Lakhs of passengers are stranded due to slowed services- Goel;
–        Focus on psychological health and promotion of sports also necessary amongst youth- Goel;

New Delhi, 6th December 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel raised the issue of increased number of suicides in Delhi metro in Rajya Sabha today. Goel said that Delhi metro has become a new hotspot of suicides.
Goel said that in last 4 years more than 80 people have committed suicide in Delhi metro rail lines. Most of the cases have taken place in blue line metro because of lack of barricades. Goel said that despite CISF preventing a lot of people from committing suicide.
Goel said that Delhi metro has installed barricades at a few metro stations. Pink and Magenta line metro stations have ‘platform screen doors’ but yellow line has 37 stations out of which only 5 stations have these doors. Blue line only has these doors at Rajiv Chowk.
These doors sync with metro doors and open only with metro doors.
Goel said that though DMRC has taken plethora of steps to prevent suicides at metro stations including a lot of awareness campaigns, there biggest challenge is installation of platform doors. They have a small window of 4-5 hours to these doors and to run a trial.
Goel said that one of the reasons behind this is today’s fast paced life. It is important that counselling services are present, mental health is stressed upon and promoting sports amongst youth. 

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