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Goel expresses grief on loss of 43 lives due to fire breakout at Anaj Mandi

– Delhi government cannot escape its responsibility with Rs 10 lakh compensation, and magisterial probe- Goel; 
– Goel gives suggestions on avoiding fire accidents; 
New Delhi, December 8th, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, expressed grief over loss of 43 lives due to fire accident at 43 lives at Delhi's Anaj Mandi. 
Goel himself visited the scene and said that it is a sad accident. If we do not learn a lesson from this then such accidents will keep happening. Goel said that after Uphaar Cinema accident, this is the second big fire accident in Delhi where people lost lives due to administrative lapses. Before this, AIIMS, New Delhi Railway Station, Narela Industrial areas have seen similar fire breakouts in  2019. 
Goel said that entire Delhi is facing the fire breakouts. There are so many areas where such factories are running and even fire brigade cannot reach such areas. Goel said that the Delhi government cannot escape its responsibility by giving 10 lakh compensation and ordering a magisterial probe. This is an administrative lapse on the part of Delhi government. 
Goel suggested that- 
1. All the haphazardly hanging wires in Old Delhi should be made underground and organised. 
2. Fire safety norms should be liberalised so that people can follow them. 
3. NCO can be obtained by giving bribes. This should be stopped. 
4. Fire safety equipment should be available at relaxed rates. 
5. People take risks because of employment opportunities at these places. Therefore, it is important to impart fire safety training in these factories, allowing them to install iron staircases etc. Alternative sites should also be arranged for small factories. 
Fixing the accountability of Delhi government Goel asked if Delhi government has formulated any policies in last five years to prevent fire related accidents and what are its long term plans. Goel said that there are numerous such buildings in Old Delhi where fire accidents can take place. Illegal constructions need to be banned too. 
Goel expressed hope that Delhi government and others will take a lesson from this accident and will ensure this is not repeated. 

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