Vijay Goel

Kejriwal sat idle for for five years, now declaring freebies a month before elections

-Kejriwal is scared of elections; 
– Leaders of Aam Aadmi Party inciting Delhiites- Goel 

New Delhi, 18 December, 2019: BJP MP and former Union Minister Vijay Goel said that the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal are inciting violence in Delhi after the passage of Citizenship Amendment Act and blaming other parties inlcuding in today's "Sanvaaddata Sammelan".. 

Citing examples, Goel said that Kejriwal himself tweeted asking people to protest. Amanatullah Khan and other MLAs are delivering inciting lectures and their Dy CM, Manish Sisodia is posting inciting posts on social media that Delhi police is burning buses. In fact, Delhi police was rather pouring water on the fire. 

Goel said that Kejriwal is engaging in politics of appeasement. and is engaging in violent activities. Goel said that Kejriwal is scared of elections because he did not do any developmental work in last five years. 

When Model Code of Conduct is about to be implemented in Delhi, Kejriwal is offering freebies after freebies. Now, he is offering electricity at domestic rates instead of commercial rates to lawyers and free 200 unit electricity. Now when elections are near, Kejriwal is talking about insurance and e-library to lawyers. However, in last 5 years, they did not construct 12 fast track courts. If Kejriwal wanted to declare freebies, why did he wait for five years? 

Goel said that Kejriwal did not install 10 lakh CCTVs in last 5 years, now they will install 3 lakh. .Now, they will install lights at 10000 dark spots. He will clean water and Yamuna after 5 years. Kejriwal himself has agreed that Delhi requires 11000 buses but there are just 5000 buses. Rest will come after 5 years. Kejriwal himself agreed that he will redesign roads now and will pass global tenders for it. 

Goel said that Kejriwal declaring freebies speak for itself that he did not do anything in last five years.

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